BioSealcoat™ is an acrylic modified alkyd latex sealcoat, utilizing a natural soybean oil based resin in its binder rather than traditional petroleum-based components. Unlike coal-tar based sealers, which have been banned in several states, BioSealcoat™ is low-VOC and does not contain large concentrations of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. BioSealcoat™ penetrates into asphalt to repair existing damage while providing a protective coating featuring excellent wear, chemical and UV protection.

BioSealcoat™ couples its strong performance attributes with minimal environmental impact and unique utilization of bio-based materials, making it an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional products offering superior performance to asphalt-based sealers.

Category Coal Tar Asphalt Emulsion Acrylic BioSealcoat
Color Retention Poor Fair Good Best
Weatherability/Durability Poor Fair Good Best
Chemical Resistance Poor Poor Good Good
Solvent Free/Low VOC No No Yes Yes
Free of Known Hazards No No Yes Yes
BioBased/Sustainable No No No Yes
Penetration Good Good Poor Best


Learn details about BioSealcoat™ by reviewing the safety data sheets and product data sheets below.

Safety Data Sheets & Product Data Sheets Download
BioSealcoat™ Sustainable Sealcoat SDS | PDS